Please contact your insurance provider before your appointment to see if they cover reflexology and how much is covered.

Insurance Companies who have Reflexology listed in a basic plan:

  • Green Shield
  • Claim Secure

Insurance Companies who have Reflexology listed in advanced plans/health spending accounts/check with RAC Office to make sure the member listed on the receipt is current and in good standing:

  • Manulife
  • Blue Cross
  • Sun Life

You will need to check with your Human Resources department or directly with your Insurance Provider to see if Reflexology is a benefit they can use in your plan.

Reflexology treatment is covered for motor vehicle accident (MVA) insurance.


  • Reflexology of Hand
    30 min. session: $ 35
  • Reflexology of foot
    60 min. session: $ 85
  • Reflexology of Hand
  • Refloexology of Foot
  • Scalp Massage

*Prices subject to change. Taxes not included.

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend and get your next 60-minute session at $55 or your next 90-minute session at $75.


Would you like us to come visit you in the comfort of your home instead of coming to our clinics? We can provide outcalls in the downtown Toronto area.  Please contact us and let us know your location to see if we have a therapist to handle your area.  A $25 travel surcharge applies.

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